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Boxx Cellars is boldly going where no other US wine retailer is going! Totally embracing the box and exclusively dealing with all things box wines. We are blowing the lid off the limited selection of boxed wines you typically find in the grocery store. We specialize in sourcing limited production premium wines from small family owned and operated wineries and bring them to you in 3-Liter BIB’s (Bag in Box). We search the globe to offer a revolving portfolio of specialty premium wines to choose from throughout the year. Many of our growers truly believe in saving our planet by farming Certified Sustainable, Organic and some even Biodynamic.

The benefits of box wine is remarkable—no glass, no corkscrew, no oxidation, no waste, it is good for the planet, and on and on . . . box wines use 91% less packaging materials than their equivalent in bottles. This means less material is being produced and less material are sent to landfill. Additionally, boxed wine produces 79% less Greenhouse Gas emissions. 40% less weight than glass so shipping costs are significantly reduced saving you even more money.

Boxx Cellars delivers the convenience of BIB wines (I like to think of it as wine on tap) and can also dress it up and take it anywhere. Look to us for the latest in premium wine dispensers, carrying cases, carafes, recyclable glassware and wine lifestyle items online in the marketplace for the public and to the trade.

Now you can help by doing your part – by drinking premium wines from the box you can save money, reduce waste and help save the planet. You can feel good about your daily habit and not feel like you’re being judged by your neighbors by filling your entire recycle bin with wine bottles, utterly a win win for everyone!

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