10 Best Pop Up Bread Toaster In India


A perfectly well-toasted slice of bread with butter or jam along with your favourite beverage is one of the best pleasures of life. In homes where mornings are busy and rushed, a good toaster comes to rescue. As a consumer, you want to make a smart purchase, but that is not always easy. You need to do your homework, and if you are thinking of buying a toaster to ease your morning routine, we have come up with the list of best toasters in India with prices.

10 Best Pop Up Bread Toaster In India in 2019

So here, we bring you a well-researched list of the best toaster in India with their features, cons, and prices.

1. Morphy Richards AT-201 2-Slice 650-Watt Pop-Up Toaster

Morphy Richards AT-201 bread toaster tops our list of best toasters in India. The brand is renowned for its quality and durability both and the same is reflected in this daily use pop-up toaster that will start your mornings with a perfect breakfast.

Benefits: This is a two slice toaster, making it easy to toast a pair together with the same setting. Seven settings of variable browning controls enable you to get your toast just the way you want it. The body does not get heated up and is cool to touch when the toaster is in use. With a 350 watt power, the toaster works efficiently and toasts the bread quickly without consuming a lot of power. A high lift lever prevents your fingers from burning, and an anti-skid base keeps the toaster in place. Use it daily without any worry. Removable crumb tray makes cleaning an easy job.

Cons: Although Morphy Richards has a very loyal customer base, it still lags when it comes to customer support. That’s the only downside with this toaster.

Price: Affordably priced at Rs. 1189 online after discount, this is one of the best budget-friendly toasters in India.

Power: 650 watts
Price: Rs. 1,665
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2. Bajaj ATX 4 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster

Bajaj’s kitchen appliances have stood the test of times and have a very loyal market with consumers opting for the brand more than once as well. Fast and delicious sandwiches are made in minutes with the powerful Bajaj ATX 4 750 watt pop-up toaster, and you can always have something to eat even when you are running late.

Benefits: For your ease and convenience, this toaster allows you to toast two bread slices at the same time with six adjustable browning settings. You can serve your family toast just the way they like it. The outer body remains cool even when the toaster is in use for long, so you will not burn your hands when you touch it. With a 750 watt power to its credit, the time to toast to perfection is little, so you don’t end up waiting to have your breakfast or snack. And if you are worried about cleaning, the removable crumb tray makes it a tad easier. It also stays put in one place, thanks to the anti-skid base. Use the reheat function to heat bread sandwiches that have already prepared.

Cons: Because the toaster offers so many variable browning settings, arriving at your own best preference may take a bit of time, but will ultimately be rewarding.

Price: At Rs. 1149 with the deal, it makes a budget-friendly toaster even for gifting purposes.

Power: 750 watts
Price: Rs. 1475
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3. Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 830-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

Another trusted and reliable brand in kitchen appliances would be Philips – the brand that brings out the aesthetic elements in boring appliances a standout. If you are not just looking for a toaster for a small family but are also looking for something that can heat your rolls, buns, and patties, then you may like to pick this up.

Benefits: With a wattage of 830 watts, the performance of the toaster is unquestionable. It also offers you eight variable browning settings for individual preferences. Two slices are toasted in one go, so this toaster is also suitable for small families. An integrated bun rack that comes with this favorite toaster is an additional attractive feature. Heat your buns, rolls, patties, and pastries easily with this bun rack. Canceling feature is another attraction so that you can stop anytime. To accommodate breads of various sizes, you get two large variable slots. You also get a lid to cover the toaster when not in use. Other features like reheat, defrost, high lift, and removable crumb tray also make this one of the best toasters in India.

Cons: It is priced higher than many toasters so that budget buyers may be deterred by the price factor.

Price: The MRP of this toaster is Rs. 1995, however, you can get it from Amazon.in for Rs. 1695.

Power: 830 watts
Price: Rs. 1995
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4. Morphy Richards AT 204 2-Slice 800-Watt Pop-up Toaster

Another Morphy Richards toaster to make it to our list of best and preferred toasters in India is the AT 204 2 slice toaster with powerful 800-watt power. The brand has some of the best kitchen appliances on offer that stay put through years of use.

Benefits: Quality, looks, and efficiency come together with this blue and white toaster that offers seven variable browning settings, and you can select one based on your preference. The reheat, defrost and cancel buttons are easy to use and make the toaster much more convenient to use. Toast two slices at a time quickly within no time. The hi-lift feature comes handy for small slices or pieces left behind. A dust cover keeps the toaster clean and dirt-free, the removable crumb tray can be ejected to clean the leftover crumbs. The toasting slot is quite extensive, so toasting bog or small sizes should not be a problem.

Cons: Apart from the customer service issue, this toaster needs to be placed safely as it is too lightweight and might fall from an edge. Also, it may come across as expensive because of the price tag it carries.

Price: Buy Morphy Richards AT 204 pop-up toaster for Rs. 1485 online against an MRP of Rs. 2045.

Power: 800 watts
Price: Rs. 2045
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5. Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates

When the brand ambassador is Aishwarya Rai Bacchan herself, you are not likely to go wrong in buying it, are you? Well, Prestige has been around in the market for decades now and are undeniably a market leader in small kitchen appliances market.

Benefits: This sandwich toaster comes in an elegant black finish body and an 800-watt power to ready your bread within just a few minutes. The power consumption is lower, thanks to the thermostatic controlling temperature feature. The grill plates are fixed, though they are non-toxic and non-stick. The indicator lights let you know when the toaster is ready to use and when the sandwich is prepared. From a basic toasted bread, you can also make restaurant style cheese and vegetable sandwiches now and have healthy breakfast daily.

Cons: Apart from the fact that this on features fixed grill plates and the plastic body is not very durable, this is an excellent buy for sandwich lovers.

Price: This toaster can be bought at an affordable price of Rs. 1120 only after discount.

Power: 800 watts
Price: Rs. 1495
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6. Pigeon 2-Slice Auto 700-Watt Pop-up Toaster

Have you often found yourself repeating ‘what to eat for breakfast’ during busy, rushed mornings? Well, Pigeon aims to help you in the simplest of ways by offering a classic, simple toaster to take away your breakfast woes. Get deliciously toasted bread every day without any hassle and do have your breakfast ready in minutes.

Benefits: Pigeon 2 slice pop-up toaster brings simplicity and efficiency together for someone who is not looking for any fancy features. It offers six browning settings so you can have your toast exactly the way you want it. Automatic pop up function is another attraction, while the looks and style are sure to match with any interiors. Being a two slice toaster, it is suitable for small families and single people.

Cons: It does not have reheat/defrost or cancel feature.

Price: Affordably priced at Rs. 1321(discounted price), this is indeed a basic yet affordable pop-up toaster that anyone can use with ease.

Power: 700 watts
Price: Rs. 1395
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7. Black + Decker BXTO0401IN 2300-Watt 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster (Grey)

Black + Decker is known to deliver performance with quality. If you have a large family, a 2-slice toaster may make toasting slices slightly tedious. To ease your breakfast woes, opt for this four slice toaster that can give you perfectly toasted four slices at a single go.

Benefits: Apart from the four slice toasting option, this pop-up toaster is also made attractive with its stainless steel body- which accounts for its durability. The problem of overheating is taken care of, and you are unlikely to burn yourself accidentally. Reheating and defrosting features are also there. You get six browning settings for both sets (so you can toast two in one sitting and two slices in another) making things super easy. The cancel button can be used when you want to cancel. Removable crumb tray makes it easier to clean the toaster.

Cons: Would have loved this one if it had a lid as well!

Price: It is priced at Rs. 4649 online. Remember, with this one, and you get the benefit of two toasters in one!

Power: 2300 watts
Price: Rs. 6695
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8. Morphy Richards AT-401 4-Slice Pop-Up Toaster

Another one in this list of best pop-up toasters in India is the Morphy Richards AT-401 4 Slice toaster that appeals to bigger families but in a budget price. The brand has made a mark for itself as one of the best toaster brands in the Indian market and rightly so.

Benefits: Elegant and lightweight, it comes in a white and blue colour combination with two full slots that can accommodate four slices at a time. You get the cancel option to stop the operation anytime, and features like reheat and defrost also available. The wattage is 1400 watts, making it one of the most potent toasters in India. The removable crumb tray and the cord winder does cleaning and storing the toaster easier.

Cons: All four slices get toasted in the same browning setting – if there was another control that would have made this piece irresistible.

Price: At Rs. 1978, you can get home this 4 slice pop up toaster from Morphy Richards.

Power: 1400 watts
Price: Rs. 2650
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9. Prestige PPTPKB 800-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

For a sophisticated looking, elegant, , and reliable pop-up toaster from the reputed house of Prestige. Innovation has been one of the driving pillars of the brand, and the same is showcased in this toaster as well.

Benefits: Apart from sturdy looks and a sophisticated feel, this pop-up toaster also comes with a powerful 800-watt heating element that gives you perfectly toasted slices in minutes. With six levels of adjusting temperatures for medium, golden and dark browning, you are sure to get your bread toasted to your liking. You also get the option to cancel the operation anytime. Use the toaster to reheat and defrost as well. The removable crumb tray makes it easier to get rid of small crumbs. The cord winder ensures the toaster uses minimal space in your kitchen.

Cons: Some people complain that using it for long causes the bread to be burnt, so you may need to experiment with settings.

Price: This toaster is priced at Rs. 1412(discount).

Power: 800 watts
Price: Rs. 1945
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10. Philips HD4815/01 2-Slice 800-Watt Pop-up Toaster

Philips HD4815/01 2 slice 800-watt pop-up toaster is the last one on our list of best toasters in India – although we must reiterate that all these toasters are equally best and are in no order of preference.

Benefits: Compact, convenient to use, affordable and durable are some of the features of Philips HD4815 toaster. Designed thoughtfully, it occupies minimal space on your countertop and thus is best for people who use a toaster daily and don’t want the hassle of storing it. Cleaning this toaster is also easy, thanks to the hinged crumb tray. You can even remove this by unscrewing once in a while to clean properly. Toast two slices at once with variable browning options and get your breakfast ready in minutes. You can also heat buns in this. The cancel function can be used when you wish to stop the operation. Being white easily blends into any space.

Cons: Although the body is shock resistant, some users have mentioned that the outer body heats after continuous use.

Price: Affordably priced at Rs. 1099, this makes an ideal option for single people, small families and even gifting purposes.

Power: 800 watts
Price: Rs. 1330
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So this was our list of the best toasters available in the Indian market, in no particular order. We hope you can choose the perfect toaster for you considering the utility, budget, and features. For instance, buying a 4-slice toaster for a small family may not be very wise. Choose the one meeting your requirements and enjoy healthy breakfast every day, no matter how busy you are.

Guide for Buying The Best Toaster In India

A toaster is something that you will probably use a lot over an entire week. In some houses, a toaster is used almost daily. Moreover, it is also used as per a preferred liking – depending on how ‘browned’ you prefer your toast to be. Thus, you can consider the below points when buying the best toaster for yourself-

1. Budget

Depending on the amount you wish to spend on a toaster, you can shortlist the best toasters. It is a small kitchen appliance and should not be too expensive. Ideally, you should have a budget of Rs. 1000-2500 for it.

2. Ease of use

Look for a toaster that is cleanly designed and has all its features at one place. Having a user manual is always a great help.

3. Brand preference

If you have a favourite kitchen appliance brand, you can choose from that brand. Some people are more open to local brands, and they can choose accordingly. Consider reviews, after sales, popularity, etc. before zeroing on one brand.

4. Size

Being something that will be used almost daily, your ideal toaster should be compact, occupy less space, safe to use, and easily portable.

5. Durability

Unless you wish to buy a new appliance every few months, you should check for the durability of the toaster. A toaster is expected to have a life of a few years, even if it is used daily on a regular basis.

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