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Reverse Wine Snob Presents Boxx Cellars

Reverse Wine Snob Presents Boxx Cellars
Boxx Cellars, celebrating (and selling) the best of box wine.


Here at Reverse Wine Snob, we’re huge fans of box wine. But as we lamented in our giant round-up of box wines, too many producers use this less expensive format to fill it with cheap, tasteless swill. With a lot of work; however, we were able to find a number of producers that bucked this trend and filled their boxes with truly tasty wine.

The problem that we subsequently heard from many readers was that the availability of these gems was not often very good. But what if there was a source for only the best boxed wines?

Today, in this special sponsored post, we’re happy to present that source to you – Boxx Cellars, including a limited-time free shipping deal for our readers!

First up, a quick review of the top 3 reasons we like box wine so much:

  • They are convenient – each box equals 4 bottles. Great for parties, traveling, picnics, you name it, a single box can go places bottles cannot and satisfy many more people.
  • They cost less. Boxes are cheaper, lighter, and reduce waste compared to bottles.
  • The wine stays fresh in the box for a year, 4-6 weeks once opened and there’s no possibility for cork taint.

Now onto the wine! Here are a few examples of boxes that we love that you can find on Boxx Cellars (and in some cases very few, if any, other places):

There’s the dynamite daily drinker, the Alain Jaume & Fils Grand Veneur Cotes du Rhone Reserve. See our review here. This is a highly recommended Cotes du Rhone that has become virtually impossible to find in a box since the time we reviewed it…Boxx Cellars has it!

Or how about the Maison Cubi Syrah Carignan from 120 year old vines? See our review here. Another box that is almost impossible to find, this was the first box wine to make our Top 10 List of the Best Red Wines Under $20, and at #3 no less! (Boxx Cellars also carries the excellent rosé from the same producer.)


White wine drinkers need to look no further than the Bulk Buy rated La Petite Frog Picpoul De Pinet. See our review here.

The founder, Gregg Lamer, is also sourcing low-production, boutique wines directly from the producers and putting them into the box. (Boxx Cellars even travels right to the winery to box the wines themselves!) We’ll be reviewing one of those wines next week, so stay tuned.

Beyond the wine itself, Boxx Cellars aims to be your one-stop shop for all things box, with accessories like the Boxxle to class up your countertop or the Vine and Dine Picnic Cooler and the Cubicool (which makes a great gift) for when you are on the go.

Reverse Wine Snob Presents Boxx Cellars

And last but not least, Boxx Cellars also has the solution for restaurants with a special tapping system for boxes, classing up (and saving money on) the wine-by-the-glass experience at the bar.

Reverse Wine Snob Presents Boxx Cellars

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