Boxed wines: They’re better than you think

Boxx WinesFor some, the idea of tap wine can seem intriguing. For others, it is appalling. Regardless, it is a countertop fixture that fits both budget and quality. And really, what is so wrong with wine on tap in your home, camper, favorite restaurant or river trip?

Over the past few years, there has been a growing realization about and trend toward wine on tap. Many restaurants have opened up their by-the-glass programs to pouring keg wine, saving both time and money for restaurateurs, bartenders and wine producers. For bartenders, the time they save from having to pull corks on countless bottles during a rush can mean the difference between being in the weeds and keeping customers and wait staff satisfied.

While only a few years ago this idea seemed outrageous, it is now common practice and sought after by the restaurant industry. Not only is tap wine great for glass pours at your favorite restaurant, it is also an excellent concept for large parties, weddings and special events.

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