Picnic Wines

Fried chicken, check. Barbecue ribs, ready to go. Brownies? A must. You’ve got all the food and fixings for a great lakeside picnic for your Tahoe summer adventure. Now all you need is the wine. But somehow a glass bottle just don’t fit in with the casual, al fresco vibe. Put that bottle down and grab a box, can or carton of wine for your cooler.

Canned wines offer smaller sips, without any leftovers to worry about. A 375 ml can is roughly half a bottle; you’ll get two to three glasses out of the slightly larger 500 ml can. Boxed wine — which holds three liters of wine, or about four bottles worth — uses a vacuum-sealed bag to keep oxygen out, which means the wine stays fresh for up to a month after opening. And then there’s the Tetra Pak or carton, which we’ve seen on juice aisles for a while now, so it makes sense to use them for wine, as well. The 1-liter cartons hold about 1 1/3 bottles of wine.

Best of all, winemakers have begun putting some pretty good juice in these alternative containers — if you know where to look. So we swirled, sniffed and sipped our way through a bunch of boxed and canned options to find the best picnic pairings. You’ll find most of these at local supermarkets and wine shops.

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Summer Savings on Pinot Grigio

Buy 3 for the price of 2!

We are kicking the summer off with a big Sale on our Pinot Grigio!  Get 3 boxes of Boxx Cellars Pinot Grigio for the price of 2 – that is 33% off the regular price!  + $10 shipping  = $90 for 3 boxes of Pinot Grigio ($6.66 per 750 ml equivalent)

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Boxed wines: They’re better than you think

Boxx WinesFor some, the idea of tap wine can seem intriguing. For others, it is appalling. Regardless, it is a countertop fixture that fits both budget and quality. And really, what is so wrong with wine on tap in your home, camper, favorite restaurant or river trip?

Over the past few years, there has been a growing realization about and trend toward wine on tap. Many restaurants have opened up their by-the-glass programs to pouring keg wine, saving both time and money for restaurateurs, bartenders and wine producers. For bartenders, the time they save from having to pull corks on countless bottles during a rush can mean the difference between being in the weeds and keeping customers and wait staff satisfied.

While only a few years ago this idea seemed outrageous, it is now common practice and sought after by the restaurant industry. Not only is tap wine great for glass pours at your favorite restaurant, it is also an excellent concept for large parties, weddings and special events.

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Spring Specials

Spring has sprung!

Budbreak is in full swing in the vineyards!

This month I have our most popular box wine picnic dispenser on sale plus $10 flat shipping on orders of 3 boxes this week only.

Sauvignon BlancFrom the Tank Rose
Vine and Dine Bag

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March Madness Sale!

Buy 3 and get one FREE!

We are kicking March off with a big Sale!  Get 4 boxes of Boxx Cellars for the price of 3 – that is 25% off the regular price!  No brackets to follow just great wine with great discounts all month long.  Choose all Pinot Grigio, all Sangiovese or mixed 2 boxes of each.
2015 Pinot Grigio is now $29.99 per box or the equivalent of $7.50 per 750 ml
2014 Sangiovese is now $35.99 per box or the equivalent of $8.99 per 750 ml

Club members also recieve $10 shipping

Pinot Grigio (click to order)
$111.97 for 4 Boxes
($29.99 – $7.50 per 750 ml)

Mixed – 2 PG & 2 SG (click to order)
$131.97 for 4 Boxes
($32.99 – $8.25 per 750 ml)

Sangiovese  (click to order)
$143.97 for 4 Boxes
($35.99 – $8.99 per 750 ml)

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Maison Cubi is back in stock!

This was the highest rated wine by Reverse Wine Snob ever, and one of the reasons I sell box wines!

sauvignon blancMaison Cubi was founded by Philippe Mao and Gérald Stinner with a simple but challenging goal: ending the boxed wine stigma!  The wines come from independent French vineyards in Provence and Languedoc.

Abbaye St Eugenie in Languedoc
This ancient abbey and its vineyard were restored and enlarged by its owners Thibaut and Christine Cazalet since 1998, both young oenologists. Thibaut is the farmer and cultivates and keep 26 hectares of old vine stocks while Christine works at the cellar. Sainte Eugenie wines have character, as their winemakers and their soils: they associate human knowing and traditional cultivating methods.

“Domaine de la Castille” Provence
Independent wine-growing vineyard in Côtes de Provence. Ideally located in the sunny South East of France between Marseille and Saint-Tropez (Côte d’Azur). La Castille is a haven of peace in the heart of Provence, close to the coast, not far from the picturesque island of Porquerolles. The estate’s 18th century castle is a reminder that the 160 ha domain benefits from an enduring heritage from hundreds of years of wine-making, dating back as far as over two thousand years ago when the Romans set foot on the Côte d’Azur.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc 2015 from Domaine Grauzan in Languedoc. A very well balanced palate with lovely floral elements and light mineral flavors.


Viognier “Neptune” from Languedoc. A full palate with peach, mango flavors & a touch of lemon. A floral and aromatic wine that will pair beautifully with white meat, creamy sauces or even spicy dishes.


Syrah/Carignan 2015 from Abbaye St Eugenie in Languedoc. An intense nose of dark berries, supple palate and a very good overall balance.  10% Syrah 90% Carignan (70 to 100 years old)

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The Best Box Wines – The Reverse Wine Snob Picks!

Box wine has a bad rap, and unfortunately a lot of it is deserved. There are way too many producers out there solely using the box to keep their costs as low as possible – including filling it with the cheapest wine possible. Bad wine is bad wine, no matter how cheap it is and the format it comes in!

At Reverse Wine Snob we are constantly on the search for reputable wineries putting quality wine in a box for the right reasons — convenience, being environmentally friendly, staying fresh for weeks and of course the cost savings in terms of packaging and shipping (which hopefully get passed on to you). Below are our favorite picks for the best inexpensive box wines on the market.

Boxx CellarsThe 2014 Boxx Cellars Sangiovese comes from the Sangiovese specialists at Vino Noceto Winery in Amador County, who have made making great Sangiovese their goal over the last 30 years. The wine opens with pretty classic Sangiovese aromas of red cherry and a little cranberry and spice along with a hint of chocolate. The well-balanced, medium-bodied wine tastes smooth and delicious with more sweet red cherry and cranberry along with plum and a little earthiness. It finishes long and dry with lots of tart fruit and some continuing spice. It’s great stuff and would make a fabulous daily drinker, highly recommended!

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Wines & Vines: Premium Boxed Wines Are Smoking Hot

Boxx WinesThough bottles are still the most popular format for wine, premium wine in boxes is the fastest growing major format.

During the recent Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, Danny Brager of Nielsen Co. reported that Constellation Brands’ Black Box is ranked No. 3 and Delicato Family Vineyards’ Bota Box is No. 5 in year-to-year increases among wine brands. He also said that boxes of all sizes represent close to 20% of wine volume sold.

Nielsen has also reported that Bota Box’s 3-liter format is the No. 15 overall wine brand in the United States. The Bota Box brand is up 28%, growing seven times as fast as the total table wine category. Over the past five years, Bota has grown 139%, an average of seven times faster than the table wine category.

CEO Chris Indelicato of Delicato Family Vineyards said the winery sold 5 million cases of Bota Box wines in 2016.

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